Wednesday, July 22, 2009

When Life Gives You Lemons...Make Salsa

Have you ever had something happen to you that made you so mad that you just had to laugh?

Last week sometime, what I knew is that I wanted to have some chips and salsa for a late night snack. What I didn't know is that last time I had had my favorite snack...I had neglected to screw on the lid the entire way.

When I grabbed the salsa, I shook it so it wouldn't be all watery when it came out. This is what happened. I shook it so hard it opened and splattered all over me, all over the floor, and all over our dogs. I was so mad that I just wanted to scream but all I could do was just laugh. I tried to blame Brick for it, since he was standing near by, even though I knew I was the last one to use the salsa. And I tried to blame the fridge, the salsa, the dogs. My husband was nice enough to clean up the mess for me. But only after Lily, our chihuahua, ate most of the salsa on the floor. I was glad I was wearing Brick's pajama shirt instead of any of my clothes though.

I learned a lesson though. Sometimes you just get so angry but you just have to let it go. It makes you feel a lot better if you just laugh instead and get a great couple of pictures to blog about as well.

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Brick said...

So I am just happy that I have been freed from the blame for not screwing the lid on the salsa. :)