Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Utah/Idaho 2011

Cameron's First Plane Ride

Chilling with Cousins

Cuddle Time with Mom

Before Grandma's Viewing

Grandpa Allred with Grandbabies

Idaho Gravesite

Allred Family

Sweet Boy- Idaho Family Luncheon

 Flag flown at half mast for Grandma

Cam and Dad

Boys on the River

Grandpa, Cam, and Dad

Randall Family with Grandpa Simons


August was a difficult month. My mom's mom passed away and we took the trip to Utah and Idaho for her funeral. She was an absolutely amazing woman and she left a wonderful legacy for her family. She was the hardest working person I have ever met. She spent her whole life in pain and sickness yet she worked from sun up to sun down and into the night every day. I will miss her dearly. She truly taught me the value of adversity and continuing on through pain and struggle. I love you Grandma Simons. Thank you for the time and memories I got to spend with you and for teaching me how to work and do things for others.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Time Flying....

The past few weeks I have really been reflecting on how fast the last year has gone. Cameron is now almost 11 months old...just one more stepping stone until he's celebrated a whole year with our family. I never knew that seeing your child grow could be such a happy occasion and such a sad experience at the same time.

I love to watch him start to stand on his own, but then remember how sweet it was when he started to practice on all fours. I love to hear him laugh hysterically, but miss when we saw that first little smile. I love to see his hair grow in blonde and be all crazy, but miss when all his gorgeous dark brown hair fell out and he was the cutest bald baby around. I love that he can sleep in his crib at night without waking up for 12 hours so mom can get some much needed rest, but I sincerely miss all those nights that he slept in the same bed with me and we would cuddle, face to face, breath to breath all night long.

I guess what I am trying to say is that I miss my baby. He will always be my baby but everyday he is turning more and more into a little child. Its amazing to see him grow and excel, but so sad at the same time. It makes me realize how much time I wasted in the last year,  trying to put on the appearance that life was perfect, instead of realizing the perfection I experience every day with my little guy. Of course, there will always be a house to clean, laundry to do, and errands to run, but I finally think I am realizing how fast it really goes by. Time to start living for each day, because next thing you know it a whole other year will pass by in a flash.

I love my little boy. Maybe tonight I will sneak him into our room and under our covers...just this once...

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Beautiful Boy


It amazes me each day how much you have grown. You are such a beautiful child, inside and out. We love you very much.

Love, Mom