Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Catch Up

It's been a long time since my last post so here is my quick catch up of the last couple months. November went by super fast. We went to Phantom of the Opera and it was fantastic! My wonderful hubby got us 5th row tickets. We had first row tickets for Wicked but I thought it was actually better being a few rows back, that way the orchestra pit wasnt in the our line of sight.

Thanksgiving was wonderful. We spent the day at my parents house and ate way too much. I think 2 out of 5 of my gained pregnancy pounds were gained in that day. Which leads me to pregnancy news. Yay! I have gained some weight. I am still 6 or so pounds under my pre-pregnancy weight but at least I am not losing anymore. We had another ultrasound at 18 weeks where we found out that my placenta previa has resolved itself, but unfortunately we did find out that baby boy has a couple of choroid plexus cysts in his brain. Man, I just can't catch a break with this pregnancy! Doctor said not to worry about it and we will get it checked out again this Friday at our 5th ultrasound. Its always fun to have ultrasounds...even if they aren't under the best circumstances...we are always excited to see the baby again.

December came way to quickly. We were excited this last week to pay off one of our big debts! It was exciting to have it out of the way...a little sad to be depleting the savings account to do it but definitely a relief to have out of the way.

Also, this week we went to a great combined choral concert with Gilbert LDS Stake and St. Anne's Catholic Church. Afterwards, there was hot chocolate and cookies, which got me into the spirit of Christmas and we went to look at Christmas lights after.

Also, I am so excited to say that I actually have a nursery now! Brick moved his office into the dining room and after some major organization and moving skills on my husband's part, the room is empty of all storage boxes and now has our nursery set in it. I am so thrilled to start decorating it! I still need to buy my crib bedding and buy a rocking chair but then I am set as far as furniture goes. Having a nursery really makes having a baby real, as does feeling him kick, which was an exciting milestone for me at 17 weeks pregnant and then at 21 weeks having Brick able to feel him from the outside.

I am sure I have plenty more to say, but now I am just rambling, so I will update again on Friday when we get our next ultrasound pics and results!