Tuesday, November 25, 2008

99 Things You Might Have Done

To participate just copy and paste in your own blog, and bold all of the things you have done. Happy discoveries!
1. Started your own blog
2. Slept under the stars
3. Played in a band
4. Visited Hawaii
5. Watched a meteor shower
6. Given more than you can afford to charity
7. Been to Disneyland
8. Climbed a mountain
9. Held a praying mantis
10. Sang a solo
11. Bungee jumped
12. Visited Paris
13. Watched a lightning storm at sea
14. Taught yourself an art from scratch
15. Adopted a child
16. Had food poisoning
17. Walked to the top of the Statue of Liberty
18. Grown your own vegetables
19. Seen the Mona Lisa in France
20. Slept on an overnight train
21. Had a pillow fight
22. Hitch hiked
23.Taken a sick day when you're not ill
24. Built a snow fort
25. Held a lamb
26. Gone skinny dipping
27. Run a Marathon
28. Ridden in a gondola in Venice
29. Seen a total eclipse
30. Watched a sunrise or sunset
31. Hit a home run
32. Been on a cruise
33. Seen Niagara Falls in person
34. Visited the birthplace of your ancestors
35. Seen an Amish community
36. Taught yourself a new language
37. Had enough money to be truly satisfied
38. Seen the Leaning Tower of Pisa in person
39. Gone rock climbing
40. Seen Michelangelo's David
41. Sung karaoke
42. Seen Old Faithful geyser erupt
43. Bought a stranger a meal at a restaurant
44. Visited Africa
45. Walked on a beach by moonlight
46. Been transported in an ambulance
47. Had your portrait painted
48. Gone deep sea fishing
49. Seen the Sistine Chapel in person
50. Been to the top of the Eiffel Tower in Paris
51. Gone scuba diving or snorkeling
52. Kissed in the rain
53. Played in the mud
54. Gone to a drive-in theater
55. Been in a movie
56. Visited the Great Wall of China
57. Started a business
58. Taken a martial arts class
59. Visited Russia
60. Served at a soup kitchen
61. Sold Girl Scout Cookies
62. Gone whale watching
63. Got flowers for no reason
64. Donated blood, platelets or plasma
65. Gone sky diving
66. Visited a Nazi Concentration Camp
67. Bounced a check
68. Flown in a helicopter
69. Saved a favorite childhood toy
70. Visited the Lincoln Memorial
71. Eaten Caviar
72. Pieced a quilt
73. Stood in Times Square
74. Toured the Everglades
75. Been fired from a job
76. Seen the Changing of the Guards in London
77. Broken a bone
78. Been on a speeding motorcycle
79. Seen the Grand Canyon in person
80. Published a book
81. Visited the Vatican
82. Bought a brand new car
83. Walked in Jerusalem
84. Had your picture in the newspaper
85. Read the entire Bible
86. Visited the White House
87. Killed and prepared an animal for eating
88. Had chickenpox
89. Saved someone's life
90. Sat on a jury
91. Met someone famous
92. Joined a book club
93. Lost a loved one
94. Had a baby
95. Seen the Alamo in person
96. Swam in the Great Salt Lake
97. Been involved in a law suit
98. Owned a cell phone
99. Been stung by a bee

Monday, November 10, 2008

The Cutest Blog on the Block

So I just found out today that the cute blog templates I have been using lately have been coming from a website that, believe it or not, is from my cousin and my ward's chorister. Strange how I didn't know this already. Funny how small the world is. Well anyways, I thought I would give a shoutout to Becky and Ashley cause they have the cutest stuff on there. There are a bunch of free templates too. You should all check it out!


Wednesday, November 5, 2008

A Tribute to My Beloved Ferrets...I miss you

Garage Sale

So we had a garage sale this last Saturday. We had tons of stuff to get rid of and thanks to some willing family members, it looked like we had a big sale. It was a lot...a lot...of work, but we ended making like $830. Not bad for four hours of your Saturday. It was nice to have our garage and our spare bedrooms cleaned out. We found a friend while cleaning out the garage as well.

Trust me. He was a lot bigger than he looks in the picture. My camera phone just doesn't do justice. He was a monster. I should have took a picture of me killing him...as morbid as that is. And another picture that deserves its praise....it's me with an Afro. Way cool huh?

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Nie Nie Dialogues

I have recently come across the blog of Stephanie Nielsen in the past week. Some of you may have heard of her. Her and her husband are an LDS couple who were in a private plane crash in August. They are both in critical condition, recovering in a Phoenix hospital. They are parents to four children. Her blog, titled "Nie Nie Dialogues", has been an inspiration for me and for other friends and strangers that have read her entries. Her outlook on life makes me realize how grateful I should be for all the things I have, despite adversity and trials. I recommend all of you mothers, wives, and future mothers and wives to read her blog yourself, and see if she makes the same impact on you as she has on me. You can find the link under "My Favorite Blogs" or below:


Monday, October 27, 2008

Stitch's Day Out

We adopted Stitch, our cat, several months ago. He was a rescue cat that my loving husband couldn't not take home, much to the surprise and excitement of his wife, the animal lover. When we got Stitch, he was declawed, therefore destined to be an indoor cat, much to Brick's chagrin. So over the past few month's Stitch has spent every waking moment indoors. We didn't think much of it until a couple of days ago when we decided to see if Stitch would come outside. Stitch was very reluctant, waiting inside of the front door for several minutes, before deciding to take the plunge. As he crossed our "desert" landscape of rocks, he winced at the pain under his "indoor cat" paws. It was pretty funny to watch. Here are a few pictures of him we caught that day, as well as one of me before heading off to work.

Monday, October 20, 2008

Wow, I am such a loser. It has been months and months since I last posted a blog. I guess I better now, before everyone deletes my blog from their list, if it was there in the first place. It has been a crazy few months with little time to write. In newest news, we closed the salon. As sad as it was to do so, I am much happier not managing and being able to just worry about my clients. So after a string of booth rentals, I finally settled on converting Brick's extra office space into a studio salon. I moved in last week and I am loving it. Brick worked so hard with getting the plumbing in and laying the floors and mounting my station. Thanks Brick. This is the only picture I have of it so it doesn't look quite complete here. But you get the idea!

In other news, Brick and I are moving back to Gilbert in January. This will be our last Christmas together in our first home together. I am excited to be closer in, but it's still bittersweet. It will be really nice to be closer to our families as well as closer to our jobs. I am hoping to move back into my family's ward, and if not, at least my family's stake. So we have three months to get everything packed up. I hope that I have the sanity left to do all that. We have so much stuff! I guess it's time for a way overdue garage sale.

In addition to new job and new house, I started school in August. I decided I wanted to go back to school for my nursing degree, but we will see how far it gets. It's hard to take the time to go to school when you know you can make a lot more money if you trade school hours for work hours. Brick has been very supportive while I am constantly changing my mind about what I want to do. He is very patient!

I am sure there are lots more things that I am missing when it comes to our summer. I am just surprised I was able to sit down and write this much! Hopefully I will write again before another five months goes by!

Sunday, June 1, 2008

Play Ball!

After a busy day at the salon, we decided to do something different for a chance. So, we bought last minute tickets to Saturday's Diamondback game against the Washington Nationals. We won 4-0!!! It was a great game. All 4 runs were home runs. It was fun to get out and do something different than just dinner and a movie. The tickets were a little expensive but it was worth it. It was so funny- on the big screen they have it showed a couple and on the screen it said, "will you marry me?". It was so funny cause the lady was so excited to see herself on the screen that she didn't notice the caption on the bottom. It took her like 2 whole minutes to figure out that he was asking her to marry him. It was pretty funny. The whole crowd was laughing.

The next day we drove out to Scottsdale to pick up Sara's ring at the Shane Co. It's so far out there but it was worth the drive. They saudered ( i know that's not how to spell it) together with my band. it was so sparkly clean when they were done. It was like a completely different ring! I was glad to have it back. It took 4 days to fix the broken prong and melt the bands together. I missed having a ring on my finger! The picture just can't do justice to how shiny and pretty it was afterwards.

Friday, May 30, 2008



Thursday, May 29, 2008


I know I haven't written in a very very long time. I get busy, and then of course there is the fact that our lives aren't interesting enough to blog about. But a little recap. Brick has been looking for a space to lease for a storefront. It's kind of a scary jump because of the overhead, so we are looking for just a small space that can have a lobby, an office, and room for all of our equipment. Hopefully the space we have been looking at is as good as it sounds.

The salon has been pretty busy. We are having a special on haircuts this week so tell all your friends that all haircuts are only $10/each. That's a screaming deal so tell everyone. We are located on the NE corner of Lindsay and Warner in Gilbert.

So that's my little plug for my businesses this week. I hope one day I will have something more interesting to say.

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Full Time at the Salon

Since our last post, Sara is no longer working at the Phoenix Zoo. It was only a seasonal job and Sara's contract was up at the end of April. The zoo offered to extend her job till the end of
May but Sara opted to not take it considering the rise in the Arizona temperature. Her boss sent her pictures of the wonderfully cute black-footed ferret kits that were born a few weeks ago. We are ferret fanatics around this house. They are too much fun! So now Sara is once again working full time at our salon in Gilbert. It's weird working so little again. Brick has been very busy with work and seems to never have a moment to breathe. I guess it is better than no working at all! Saturday we went to San Tan Village to spend some gift cards we had and saw a concert there. They were really good! They were called Furious George (furiousgeorgeband.com). It was fun to listen to some good music...especially when it's free! We also saw the movie 21 this week. It was a good one. Sara only agreed to see it because it has Jim Sturgess in it. Sara loved him in "Across the Universe". All in all, it was a great movie. With Brick being so busy with his web design (someday I will have him make a cool blog page for me), he doesn't have much time to use our laser engraver so Sara has decided to take it upon herself to see if she can get some business out of it. Good luck!

Sunday, April 27, 2008

Too busy....

We have been way busy lately, too busy to write another blog obviously. A lot has gone on in the month of April. The most eventful of all was our trip to Sedona. Brick surprised me with a 4 day trip to Sedona for our our 2 year anniversary. We can't believe it has already been 2 whole years. Crazy! Our trip was fun-filled with lots of stuff to do. We went to Montezuma's Castle as well as Montezuma's Well and the V-Bar Ranch Petroglyphs on the way in. We also took a day trip to Slide Rock as well as Jerome and Prescott. We took lots of fun pictures, thanks to our new tripod we got for the camera. It was much better this trip to have pictures that we were both in. We stayed at the Radisson in Sedona. It was really nice. We had a jacuzzi and a fireplace right in the room with us. We spent the days off roading into the mountains with a rented tomcar as well as frequenting the tourist shops and eating breakfast every morning at the Coffee Pot Restaurant- Home of 101 Omelets. We went to Rene restaurant for our anniversary dinner. It is a french inspired restaurant where we both tried escargot for the first time. I was feeling a little adventurous. It wasn't bad but I don't think I will be ordering it again, anytime soon.

Sunday, April 6, 2008

Dad's Birthday

It was Dad's (Allred) birthday today. Wow he is on the other side of that hill. LOL! Brick and I bought him an I-pod shuffle. He said he will use it on his way to work everyday-- he rides a Harley. While at Mom and Dad's, Nikki was trying to teach me all about this darn blogging thing and what it's all about. I'll try to carry my camera around more often so I can make it a little more interesting.

One of our stylists is having her baby a little sooner than we had planned so it is going to be a crazy week at the salon. Busy, busy, busy! We just heard good news from out landlord that they are putting a Fresh & Easy in the vacant anchor shop next to the salon. We are so excited for this because having the spot vacant since Henry's left over a year ago has really hurt our walk in traffic. But we do alright!

Other than that, we watched General Conference today. Sara unfortunately missed yesterday's sessions because she had to cover for someone at the salon. It seems weird having President Hinckley not presiding anymore. He will be greatly missed.

Friday, April 4, 2008

Our Family

We have decided to start a blog like everyone else to see what all the fuss is about. Hopefully we won't bore you all!