Monday, October 20, 2008

Wow, I am such a loser. It has been months and months since I last posted a blog. I guess I better now, before everyone deletes my blog from their list, if it was there in the first place. It has been a crazy few months with little time to write. In newest news, we closed the salon. As sad as it was to do so, I am much happier not managing and being able to just worry about my clients. So after a string of booth rentals, I finally settled on converting Brick's extra office space into a studio salon. I moved in last week and I am loving it. Brick worked so hard with getting the plumbing in and laying the floors and mounting my station. Thanks Brick. This is the only picture I have of it so it doesn't look quite complete here. But you get the idea!

In other news, Brick and I are moving back to Gilbert in January. This will be our last Christmas together in our first home together. I am excited to be closer in, but it's still bittersweet. It will be really nice to be closer to our families as well as closer to our jobs. I am hoping to move back into my family's ward, and if not, at least my family's stake. So we have three months to get everything packed up. I hope that I have the sanity left to do all that. We have so much stuff! I guess it's time for a way overdue garage sale.

In addition to new job and new house, I started school in August. I decided I wanted to go back to school for my nursing degree, but we will see how far it gets. It's hard to take the time to go to school when you know you can make a lot more money if you trade school hours for work hours. Brick has been very supportive while I am constantly changing my mind about what I want to do. He is very patient!

I am sure there are lots more things that I am missing when it comes to our summer. I am just surprised I was able to sit down and write this much! Hopefully I will write again before another five months goes by!


Taylor Family said...

Hi Sara! Glad to hear you're still alive! :)

Jessica said...

Good to hear an update about your family!