Thursday, May 29, 2008


I know I haven't written in a very very long time. I get busy, and then of course there is the fact that our lives aren't interesting enough to blog about. But a little recap. Brick has been looking for a space to lease for a storefront. It's kind of a scary jump because of the overhead, so we are looking for just a small space that can have a lobby, an office, and room for all of our equipment. Hopefully the space we have been looking at is as good as it sounds.

The salon has been pretty busy. We are having a special on haircuts this week so tell all your friends that all haircuts are only $10/each. That's a screaming deal so tell everyone. We are located on the NE corner of Lindsay and Warner in Gilbert.

So that's my little plug for my businesses this week. I hope one day I will have something more interesting to say.

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