Sunday, May 11, 2008

Full Time at the Salon

Since our last post, Sara is no longer working at the Phoenix Zoo. It was only a seasonal job and Sara's contract was up at the end of April. The zoo offered to extend her job till the end of
May but Sara opted to not take it considering the rise in the Arizona temperature. Her boss sent her pictures of the wonderfully cute black-footed ferret kits that were born a few weeks ago. We are ferret fanatics around this house. They are too much fun! So now Sara is once again working full time at our salon in Gilbert. It's weird working so little again. Brick has been very busy with work and seems to never have a moment to breathe. I guess it is better than no working at all! Saturday we went to San Tan Village to spend some gift cards we had and saw a concert there. They were really good! They were called Furious George ( It was fun to listen to some good music...especially when it's free! We also saw the movie 21 this week. It was a good one. Sara only agreed to see it because it has Jim Sturgess in it. Sara loved him in "Across the Universe". All in all, it was a great movie. With Brick being so busy with his web design (someday I will have him make a cool blog page for me), he doesn't have much time to use our laser engraver so Sara has decided to take it upon herself to see if she can get some business out of it. Good luck!


Benson & Sarah Garner said...

Hey Sara! How have you been?
I am gonna link your blog :)

The Dopp Family said...

Sara, I love your new layout. I love that kit. Shabby Princess, right?

Benson & Sarah Garner said...

just engaged now - till july 17th
Give me your address and I'll send you an invitation!

Jessica said...

Hey there stranger! Hey if you can access Randa's blog will you ask her to invite me.