Sunday, April 6, 2008

Dad's Birthday

It was Dad's (Allred) birthday today. Wow he is on the other side of that hill. LOL! Brick and I bought him an I-pod shuffle. He said he will use it on his way to work everyday-- he rides a Harley. While at Mom and Dad's, Nikki was trying to teach me all about this darn blogging thing and what it's all about. I'll try to carry my camera around more often so I can make it a little more interesting.

One of our stylists is having her baby a little sooner than we had planned so it is going to be a crazy week at the salon. Busy, busy, busy! We just heard good news from out landlord that they are putting a Fresh & Easy in the vacant anchor shop next to the salon. We are so excited for this because having the spot vacant since Henry's left over a year ago has really hurt our walk in traffic. But we do alright!

Other than that, we watched General Conference today. Sara unfortunately missed yesterday's sessions because she had to cover for someone at the salon. It seems weird having President Hinckley not presiding anymore. He will be greatly missed.


The Dopp Family said...

Sara, post something else on your blog.

roseanne said...

Hey cousin!
I'm just now today realizing that people in our family actually blog too! I'm slow! I'm excited to get to read up on how your doing!
Talk to ya soon!