Sunday, July 5, 2009

An Incomplete Recap of the Last 2 Months

It's been forever since I have posted...and since my wonderful husband is working on a facelift for my blog I thought I better get crackin.

It's been a fun filled summer so far with tons of stuff to do and see. My summer started out with taking our long awaited trip to Higley Stake Girls Camp. We went to Taylor Ranch which is a spot up near Pinedale, where the owners have so graciously let us use their land. It was definately a far cry from what I was used to having be girls camp. We really were roughing it. The port-a-potties were a welcomed commodity considering we had to haul our own water, there was an absence of electricity, we slept in tents, and no showers.

Despite the dirt (that took me hours to get out from under my nails), we had a blast. We had wonderful experiences and so much fun getting to know each other. My beehives are the greatest! And I was grateful to get to know the other girls in our ward better as well.

I was so lucky to come home to a wonderful surprise. The Wonderful Mr. Randall had cleaned our house spotless for my arrival. Closets and pantries were organized, litter box was cleaned out, and even our most priorly uninhabited areas had been organized so that I could walk into them without tripping over boxes and furniture. And whats more... I had a shining clean bathroom ready for me to bathe the five days of accumulated dirt off of me. My sanctuary was fully equipped with background music, candles, and chocolate surrounding the bath tub. I really am a lucky wife. I only wish I had taken pictures of the wonderfully undeserved event.

With all the chaos of Girls Camp, I neglected to take any pictures. So here are a few that I lovingly stole from some of my young womens' facebook accounts!

Riley and Challis sucking down lemons

Madi, Quincie, and Hailey with the spirit stick our ward won!

Yay for YCLs! Anika, Lisa, and Hailey

Rachel and Scarlett strutting their stuff...

Alicia and Quincie posing for the camera

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