Saturday, July 18, 2009

Awesomely Wicked

We finally made it! We got tickets to Wicked last night and it was absolutely amazing!

We didn't orginally have tickets, but we heard about the Wicked lottery they have at Gammage before every performance. If you show up in the evening before each performance you can enter your name into the drawing. About 200 people show up and they draw 10 names who get 2 tickets each. The odds of winning aren't very good but we decided to go anyways.

After 4 days of trying I was about ready to give up. Brick's grandparents were even so wonderful as to come so we could take their tickets if they got drawn. Anyways, I finally got drawn yesterday and we got 2 first row tickets to that night's performance. You still have to pay $25 per ticket, but for $150 per ticket seats it was well worth it.

This picture is from my favorite part of the whole musical. The lead character was actually played by the understudy this time which was totally ok. She was absolutely wonderful. She had a beautiful voice. It was well worth the wait in the Arizona heat for the tickets. It was such a fun night. We did take a quick picture of us outside Gammage but it didn't turn out so well. So you will just have to imagine how happy we were to go!

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