Sunday, July 5, 2009

All About Me

I am a crazy and scatterbrained 23 year old who has been married to her wonderful husband for a little over three years. We dated for two years prior to getting married and I can barely remember what it was like before we met. I am a hairstylist and work out of my own studio in Gilbert. I love my job...probably mostly because it's so flexible and I can work as little as possible to make the money I need to. My husband, Brick, is a web designer and also specializes in small business marketing. We are very privileged to work right next door to each other and get to enjoy each other's company probably a little more than what is healthy. We don't have any kids as of yet, but are hoping to start trying soon, as circumstances in our lives change in the next few months. We have many furry friends that fill our house and are our "replacement children". We live in Gilbert and just moved here from Queen Creek at the end of last year. We love our ward and our neighborhood and hope to buy a house here when we are in the market to do so. Brick is our ward's choir pianist and I am serving in the beehive class in young womens. It is the best calling I have ever had. I learn so much from my girls and they teach me so much more than they could learn from me. Both of our families are also in the Gilbert area and we appreciate them being so close. If you know me, you will know that I tend to be a little dramatic, a little persistent, need to have organization in my life or nothing will get done, but most of all just want to experience the wonderful things in life with my family and friends.

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