Friday, May 21, 2010

Hey Bert!

As some of you know, Brick's first name is Bert. He comes from a long line of Bert's. His dad is Bert, his grandpa is Bert, his great grandpa is Bert, and his great great grandpa is Bert. That's... (if you counted them) yes five Berts!

Well most of the nine months of my pregnancy, once we knew we were having a boy, Brick was torn on whether he wanted to pass the tradition down for a sixth time. Mom was not happy about it, but I learned to live with it once he decided to name little Cameron, Bert.

So Brick's dad is missing from this picture, but here is three generations of Bert. Bert Preston Randall, Bert Brickford Randall, and last but not least Bert Cameron Randall. Geeze, will the church's family history center hate us!

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A. Kuhni said...

Bert Randall was our stake president when I was growing up. He looks the same way that I remember him as. How fun for the family name to be passed down from generation to generation!