Friday, May 21, 2010

Gadgets and Gizmos a Plenty

Brick's grandparents are moving to a new house and they decided to have a garage sale to rid their house of things they didn't need or didn't want to pack up and take with them.

So grandma told us to come over and take whatever we wanted before the big day. I was so glad that we did. It felt like Christmas! I got so many free things that I was excited about!

I got quite a few designer purses, not sure if they are all real but I love them all anyways.

I got two Burberry's (one of which I am pretty sure is real), a Liz Claiborne, a Volcom, a Gucci backpack, and a Louis Vuitton.

I also got a few odds and ends like a cute children's book, some comfy plush slippers, a belgian waffle maker and a Baby Bee Burt's Bees starter kit with lots of fun stuff for Cameron to use.

Brick took these little Friar Tuck figurines that he has loved since he was a little boy. I think they are a little funny looking but I guess if he wants to keep them in his office in the new house then that's fine with me. They are actually a little pitcher for cream and a sugar container.

These beauties are some old vintage suitcases we found. I am not sure if we will use them or not, but I thought they could be used for some cool photo ops.

And last but not least, the real reason we went to his grandparents, were to get these. They are old (and a little beat up) instruments.

They actually look really cool in the ceiling cut outs in his grandparents house, which is what we will be using them for when we move to our new house. There is a violin, a cello, a french horn, and some other kind of brass instrument (sorry I am not versed in instrumentese). There is also this Beethoven bust that was kind of cool.

All in all, we came upon a lot of cool stuff. Stuff that would have cost us a lot more money if we had bought it ourselves, as well. Thanks Grandma and Grandpa Goodman for making it a fun night and for all the treasures we found!


Lesley Wright said...

How fun! Don't you just love grandparents. You got a ton of great items.

A. Kuhni said...

You scored!!!

Sunny Biggs said...

Love your finds! Those instruments are awesome!