Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Furniture for Sale

So we have some furniture and other items for sale if anyone is interested. We are selling a bunch of stuff to get out from under our debt and to start an actual savings account..woohoo! If any of you are interested here are some of the links:

King Bedroom Set (4 piece) -
Dining Room Table Set -
Home Theatre Projector/Movie Screen/In-ceiling Speakers -

We did have some great TVs and a queen mattress for sale too but they went super quick. Goodbye to our nice big plasma televisions. We now have an mini 8" television which is the one we watch. I know...sad...but I would rather have savings than a couple of nice tvs. It's actually been really nice without them. I don't waste as much time watching television so I have the extra time to clean the house and read and whatnot. I think we were watching too much of it anyways.

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Jenna said...

What are you guys going to eat off of if you sell the dining room set? haha