Sunday, January 18, 2009

Holiday Recap

It has been a long time since I last posted anything so here is a quick recap on what we've been up to. In biggest news, WE'VE MOVED. We moved from Queen Creek back to Gilbert a week or so before Christmas. We are renting a house just east of the San Tan Mall. We love the area and like how close we are to restaurants, the mall, the movie theatres, and most importantly work and our families. We love the new ward. Everyone has been really friendly and the ward seems to be a bit younger than our last one. Our church building is on our same street, so we can walk to church, that is when we arent running late or if I am wearing some killer heels. Brick's been called to be the ward choir pianist. Surprise surprise...after his last calling of ward organist. I have yet to get a calling... hopefully soon.

Our house is a bit smaller which takes some getting used to. But I guess how much room do you need when there is just two of you. Our entire house except for the bedrooms is tile, which is great for our many pets. A bonus to the house is the enormous backyard...well enormous compared to our last house. It's great for the dogs to be able to move around more...not so great for Brick having to clean up after our dogs. But all in all, we are glad we moved and are loving being back in Gilbert.

Our holidays were crazy. Thanksgiving went by without a hitch and it was nice to have to family together. Christmas was another story. It snuck up on me completely and I didn't do any shopping til a few days before. Unfortunately, Dad got real sick the week of Christmas and had to be admitted to the hospital. After outruling the initial diagnosis of Hepatitus A, we found out his gallbladder had to be removed. With another stroke of bad luck, all the doctors were out on vacations for their Christmases and poor Dad spent the entire week in the hospital including Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. As a family we all celebrated at different times over the days following Christmas. In good news, Dad is doing well and is feeling much better. Good enough to even go on the scout campout the a couple weeks later.

Work has been busy for the both of us which we greatly appreciate. Both being self employed the holidays seem to slow down for Brick and since he our families bread winner we were glad to have a sudden on rush of business the past couple of weeks. I have just been working and am glad I took the semester off of school. I have so much more time to keep the house clean, which Brick appreciates. With my spare time I am planning on returning to the Phoenix Zoo to volunteer in their education department and get back on track with my voice lessons.

I am sure there is much that I am missing but I will try to be better with posting more regularly. I probably won't but I guess there's always the resolution to! So that is our life in general for the past few months!

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