Wednesday, September 23, 2009

10 Week Ultrasound- Baby Randall

We just had our second ultrasound today. It was so exciting. Mostly because it was just a huge relief. Last ultrasound they told me I had a short cervix which can greatly increase your risk for preterm labor. I was so happy to find out that it measured much longer this time so I don't have to worry about bed rest or other procedures.

Baby Randall is doing great. He is big for his gestational age. I should have asked if they were going to move up my due date but I forgot. I love this sonogram even more than the last cause you can see his little hands and feet. Last time he/she just looked like a little blob! Baby is almost an inch and a half now. Getting bigger every week! Our next ultrasound won't be for awhile, probably not until our 18 week appointment when we find out if it's a little boy or girl. I am almost positive it's a girl but I will let Brick think it's a boy for now!


Steven and Mindy Raisor said...

See I told you there was nothing to worry about. I'm so happy everything is normal and ok. That is seriously a cute baby ultrasound picture. Congratulations again you guys

Dustin and Tara said...

Congrats! I'm excited for you guys!