Monday, March 9, 2009


A lot has happened in the Randall family this last month or two. Sorry I haven't posted sooner. First off, my sister Jenna had her beautiful baby Josslyn on Valentine's Day. She was quite the valentines baby weighing 7 lbs 7 oz (7+7=14) and was born at 1:58 am (1+5+8=14) on the morning of the 14th. She is sooo beautiful and looks just like both of Jenna's older kids.

Secondly, I got a part time job. I am working as an examiner for the State Board of Cosmetology. I help grade beauty school graduates on their practical exams, to see if they can get their licenses. It's just on Mondays, so it's a nice extra income without having to take too much time away from my clients. So far I enjoy it. There are a lot of nice girls that I work with, though it is a little strange to be on the opposite side of the test.

Thirdly, Brick was ordained an elder on Sunday. It was a wonderful experience and my dad gave him a wonderful blessing and ordination. We won't tell you that Brick forgot to hug his wife after the fact. :-) Now that that is taken care of, we are hoping to be sealed by the end of the month. It all depends on how fast the recommend process takes. We are really hoping to before April cause we are planning a trip to Nauvoo to visit his grandparents, and would love to be able to do a session in the Nauvoo Temple.

I also got a new calling in our new ward this last week. I was called to be the beehive advisor. I was so excited to accept this calling. I have always wanted to get back into Young Womens after they kicked me out at 18! I guess I never have wanted to grow up. It is a little nerve wrecking cause I have to teach the lesson every Sunday, but all the girls are so sweet to me it hasn't been that bad. I am especially excited to go to girls camp with them this year. I am, however, a little disappointed that we have to sleep in tents instead of staying in cabins at Camp LoMia.

So that is a little recap for the past month. It really needs to be a resolution for me to post more often!

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